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24 May 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, May 24 LIVEBLOG

This is me, typing while watching.  It will be messy.  I'm experimenting with a bigger idea, and this sort of thing (which I will continue during the much-easier-to-liveblog american idol tonight) is part of it.  I will spell things wrong.  Right now I can't pause the TV, so it will be choppy.  Hooha!

"Watch tomorrow's show" promoted in the beginning.  That's weird.

"We've never lived in a time like this."  Talk about father, grandfather.  Survival or death.  It's up to each of us as individuals, citizens to look around.

We're in a state of constant change.  Look back 100 years, you can see that change.  Go back 50 years.  Go back 10.  Go back 2.  (9/11, Obama.)  is that change moving us in a psoitive direction.  Are we more free or less free?  Who am I  what do I believe?  Am I willing to stand up for that.

Japan asks us to respect Pakistan's sovereignty.  Japan?  Criticizes US for publicly ripping on Pakistan after bin Laden.  We're losing allies, including Pakistan.  China is cozying up with Pakistan.  (me: was that China, not Japan, and I messed it up?)

California has a budget problem.  Cut inmates by 33,000.  Officials have 2 years to release on "get out of jail free" card.  Dirtbags should stay in jail.  "This is exactly what people like Van Jones has been waiting for."  Reminds us that VJ has been speaking in prisons, telling them that they are the entrepenours of the future.  Reminds us that bad leaders do this shit.  (me: Voldemort setting Death Eaters free, have them work for Dept of Ministry.)

Gas.  how's your pocketbook?  "The media is surprisingly tolerant."  The falling US dollar and QE drive up the price of gas.  The value of the unit of exchange is directly related to gas prices.  (He quotes a source for this.  It was a previous theory of his.)

Banks.  I missed a minute of it.  then, "Whatever happens will be quite disabling (in europe)" (quote from another source), after which money stuff took a dive.

"Let it be my tombstone" <-- Glenn says about his Caliphate theory.  ------- will work together to overturn stability.
2. Protests will become contagious.  They will spread to Europe and the rest of the world.

Obama seeks broader power to      wage war.  too broad, ambiguous, too vague.  also, war powers deadline has come and gone, obama hasn't been held accountable.

Fata, Hamas praising Russias role in reconcialation.  R working with Palestinians against Israel.  it's almost like the whole world is coming together for P state. Don't miss tomorrow.

Food.  prices will remain high and volatile.  the gauge of 8 commadites is 73% higher

World food production will have to grow a whole lot to feed whole world in future

Code pink heckled someone

Whether you're for them or against them, we're for and against everything you are.

Joe Biden didn't clap when netenyahu said a pro-Israel line.  shows footage.  (me: to be fair, maybe he was asleep.)

Cursings or Blessings, you must decide.  Last call, boys.  Who's on the side of good, who's on the side of evil?

The world is changing, but no one wants to talk about what it's changing into.  It is about to experience profound change. Those who stand together, arm in arm, will win.  Those who remain passive will get swept up.  The world is being divied up.  Gonna present a theory tonight, but remember, some of his theories come true.  esp in lst 6 months.

I am willing to listen to words of influential people, world leaders, and mad men and take them at their word.

Record from last 6 months.

By fall, stuff is getting dicey. And it's going to happen/start in the ME.  You gotta prepare yourself.


Record of last few months to establish pattern.
chalkboard list

economy.  clip.  11/15/2010, april 19.  devalue dollar, buy gold.  when beck started saying buy gold, it was $600/oz.  now $1520

prepare.  nov 11 2010 (i think).  clip.  list of stuff to gather up, like food.

july 19, 2010.  why doesn't obama care that republicans are taking the house?  'cos obama's gonna yoink tons of power.  "cass sunstein is in his dream job".  is this prediction right?  has anything passed in congress so far?  anything?  he doesn't care about congress. look at war powers act.  cass sunstien is powerful, so is his wife (who was excited about libya war)

jan 31, 2011.  tunisia is our arch duke ferdinand moment.  is the media saying arab snow is pure as snow?  yes.  they're fools.  he also said egypt was the keystone to the ME, and if it fell, other coiuntries would fall.  yep.  take the words of serious people seriously.

may 24 2010.  fall of russia wasn't a fall.  it was coordinated.  if we change our uniforms to a suit, we can have the same shit under a new system.

UBL (bin laden) could make things worse.  mentions china headline, greece is doing bad, europe headlines with money bad.  said earlier that israel is being set up.

beck's restoring courage tour.  eerie how it aligned with events.  (made decision abuot it days before israel was news.)  missed something else about israel.

pic of Famous Fabian Window shows madmen stoking the flames to heat the world and remake it in their hearts desire.  it is happening again. it will happen this summer.  at least, things will be rolling so fast, you won't be able to stop it.  you must get ready to stop it.  if you can accept the premise of this window, you can accept what's going on and see how to stop it.

-- COMMERCIAL -- i'm gonna look for a pic  link to that window.  (update: yay, got one.)
I really wish I had a DVR.  Beck often repeats himself and references previous shows, and he certainly has ideas that underscore everything (be prepared, where do you stand, shine a light, etc), but he rarely does a big summation like that one.  I can barely remember him showing clips of himself.  I only remember it a few times with the caliphate theory, and one other from very early on his show.  (pre-chalkboard.)

Back to Glenn!

dun dun den dun

These are the spoils that everyone's playing for -- point to chalkboard map.  So, who is playing?  Whose chips are in?  I contend the US being played, not playing.  Serious players: Soros, Russia, China, Islam.

new chalkboard.  shows player w cards.

SOROS.  ultimate capitalist.  wants to shut door on others.  he has called for a new world order ("open society") for years.  it only gets more greedy as you get closer to him.  man who "broke the bank of england." he has allies in governmentS, unions. he doesn't care about them, but he believes those are cards he needs to hold to win this hand.  he has said "u.s. biggest obstacle to a stable and just world order".  wants transformation of america.  is anyone reporting about this?  does anyone care?  america is the great last hope for the world.

he has the media, the radicals, communists, churchs.  he's a capitalist & godless.  what?? he's playing for the world

RUSSIA.  using communist countries like venezuela(?).  controlling oil, so they can control europe.  building oil pipelines thru europe.  building alliances with turkey, iran, venezuela, pakistan, libya, china.  China pledged to be a key partner with China.  what?  Russia and China (used to) hate each other.

---COMMERCIAL-- whew!  hard to type when he's on a chalkboard roll!  I don't know what it is about those chalkboards that I like.  I think there's something that feels more genuine about them.  As if the slick graphics somehow polish the news too much, like a reminder that the news (any news) is presented to you on a stage created by humans.  But, a chalkboard?  That's reserved for when an idea is SO fresh, new, LIGHTBULB that there's no! time! to create a graphic.  (Obviously Beck takes care with setting up his chalkboards, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of them -- like the caliphate map -- are permanently shellacked or something.  Actually, they MUST be.  but he also writes on the chalkboards during the show.  I'm not saying that isn't planned.  I thnk it's coming back soon.

dun dun den dun.

Want to show you the world is being divied up, & who's in.  Poker game, winner take all.
recape soros is in charge.
china.  $, tech, resources. 1.4 billion people.  they have resources (bodies). that's my own commentary, the bodies

stability.  china doesn't like unstable, radical stuff.  soros is using unstable stuff but is a businessman and doesn't like radicals in the end.

soros is tied to islam thru business.

ISLAM.  cards: FAITH.  they believe in something.  soros & minions only believe in $.  faith trumps $.  russia has to have thugocracy in the end.  china is a thugocracy.

who gets control?

US isn't sitting at the table.  WE ARE A CARD, NOT A PLAYER.

if you don't think this has happened before, IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE.  in 1918, we were china and england was us.

I think my aha moment was that last bit, historical comparison to china.  I'm trying to imagine a bizarro world in which the U.S. did not enter the world stage during the World Wars (yet everything else turned out the same).  What would it be like to be our own bit player while the other people fight in the playground.  There's a comfort to that thought, actually.  Without the pressure to be world police, we get to be quiet and do our own shit.  of course, i am imagining that all the negative stuff wouldn't be there.  I have no idea what other world powers would impose upon this Bizarro U.S..

Back! radicalized Islam is the winner.  it might take us years to get there, but it will win in the end.  all of that stuff works, because most people will just take it.  not america.  we have a pioneer spirit.  that's what cass sunstien is attacking, the american spirit.

in the end, who wins?  money, no.  food and energy?  at first, but not the long haul.  not faith.  liberty & divine providence.  LITTLE GUY ALWAYS WIN.  goliath loses in the end, because arrogant.

all we need is a tree and a rake.  that's all we had when we brought down england.  hold on to the protection of divine providence.  we must lock arms this summer.


Wait a minute, Beck.  What's the difference between Islamic faith and faith in your govt style and divine providence.  (note: must google divine providence to see if there's a facet i'm missing, ala "standard"/flag.)  Oh.  ohohohohoh.  american spirit. to an extent it's a lot of the obama rhetoric (rhetoric, not platform), but not everyone sees him as being sincere.  it's... i don't have the words.  It is what I love about this country.  It's the feeling I get in my chest when I think about the first constitutional convention.  It's -- oh shit -- it's randian.  It's a love of self   *pause*

BACK!  plug for, reminder to do your own homework.  END

Finishing that thought about Rand...
It's not the individualist aspect of Rand's philosophies.  But there is a core of Rand that infuses the Founding Fathers.  (not directly, obviously.)  And it IS something that's being lost.  Pride in accomplishment.  Valuing production.  Like the toddler learning new things and glowing with excitement and pride in each step taken, the founding fathers fostered this new country, creating the "most perfect" recipe possible to allow men to govern themselves.  That's all they wanted -- to be free of the mess that government creates.  Give me Liberty or give me Death...  it's not "I really want Liberty, really really bad."  It's that all governments that deny liberty are equally bad, there is nothing without the ability to think and do and be without oppression.  Better to live sickly and in pain WITH liberty than to be healthy without it.  the concept of MINE, the concept of ME...  the libertarian values that have been demonized since the progressive awakening in the 20s...  I think I finally undersand what Beck means when he sayd that he doesn't know if he's ever experienced true freedom, liberty.  Dear god, what would it actually take to get back to a state where the collective American consciousness was tuned into "freedom" as defined at the turn of the century?  What would it take -- and what amazing stuff would we produce?

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