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24 May 2011

American Idol Finale, part one: pre-LIVEBLOG

I love hating American Idol.  I'll be watching the finale solo, so that means no one to snark with.  I don't like to send out lots of tweets, especially about AI.  I am going to type as I watch and see what happens.  There WILL be typos.  There WILL be bad jokes.  There WILL be long sentences that run on forever. There WILL be talk of Casey Abrams. (sigh.) And, of course, there WILL be snark. I'll try to update as I go, but otherwise it will be available after.  Enticing, no?

Take my hand, and let's jump into the abyss.

But first!... Predictions.

the winner will be....
Scotty McCreery
Lauren Alaina free polls

Getting set up.  Allergy meds are making me extra intense and nutty.  They're also making me crave my nicotine candy way more than usual, which sorta sucks.  Yay, candy -- but it's fuckin pricey candy.  And it makes my tongue hurt.

  • Wine, check.
  • Snacks, check.
  • Setting up some tabs, including twitter.  Trying to decide if I want to follow #americanidol or -- the idol promoted -- #idolfinale.  (Trying not to pay attention to spoiler tweets of guest stars.)
  • Wondering what the imdb equivalent for music is.  I bet I won't know any of the new artists.
  • Realize that, historically, I really hate the finale.  As is the case with so many things, the third person out determines everything.  (Who were some other stunning third place people?  Melinda Doolittle.  I only remember her because she went to my college.  There were others I was rooting for.  Including a Rob -- not Boston Rob -- on Survivor.  SEE.  My allergy meds are makin me even nuttier than usual.  gah.)
  • My foot's asleep.  Trying to find a seated/typing position that unsquishes my foot.
  • The news is talking about tornadoes in Oklahoma City.  I wonder if Lauren will use that. Fuckin Lauren.
  • I suppose I should open a tab for Idol and & youtube.  hrmph.

With 45 minutes to go, I think that I want to start a clean blog for the actual show.  Does that mean this whole post is a waste?

When I was watching the Private Practice finale, I had twitter going.  Madison's protests have gotten me tuned into twitter.  During that time, I watched the Oscars with twitter, and the snark was fabulous.  Ever since, I've been disappointed when I watch tv w twitter.  But I keep on trying.  So, Private Practice.  Someone tweeted "OMG did Pete just have a heart attack?".  I look up at the screen.  Pete is on the screen, perfectly healthy.  He bends over, shakes his arm.  He collapses to the floor, phone out of reach.  So that twitter person's tv was broadcasting 30 seconds ahead of mine.  What the hell?  I mean, I don't care that she saw Pete fall down before I did (if it were LOST, however...), but seriously?  That makes me wonder how the entire broadcasting system works.

Point being, I'm a little nervous about twitter.  But whatever.  I mean, we all know Scotty is gonna win, right? We know that Casey is dreamy and, given the endgame option, Scotty will win.  Which I don't understand, because I hate Scotty with a passion so intense that you'd think I secretly love him (which I don't!).  Man, the finale would be WAY  more interesting if James were in it.  I don't think I'll fully understand James's absence until he's really gone (e.g. the show tonight), so maybe it's a good thing that the finale is star-studded or whatever.  (Hey, anyone remember when Idol would do an episode where Simon and Seacrest visited starving children?  Whatever happened to that?  It was also star-studded, btw.  I'm not totally nutters from these allergy drugs.)

Five minutes to go.  I think I'll set up the LIVE!BLOG! now...

I wonder if I am setting this whole thing up to make the finale interesting and watchable.  

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  1. I never got around to opening tabs for Idol or youtube. heh.