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23 May 2011

13 yr old jailed in psych ward while mom, state play tug-of-war

The Detroit News reports (link mine):
State authorities have accused the mother of medical neglect for halting the girl's treatment with the controversial anti-psychotic drug Risperdal, which is used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia. A trial over the neglect allegations and custody of the child is set to being in June before Pierce. 
Risperdal is a hardcore psych drug.  It has not been in existence for long enough to know how it effects a child's developing brain.  I'm surprised that it's even prescribed to children, not to mention forcible prescription.

What is guaranteed to effect a child's developing identity and sense of self:?  Locking 'em up in a psych ward.  If the state gave a shit about the girl's mental well-being, they'd let her stay at home while this is being sorted out.  What's the worse thing the mother can do?  Not give the child something that wasn't even available for her two years ago?

note: Fortunately, the girl has been released and is now at home.

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