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17 October 2011

UN owns OWS website


The organizing hub website is registered to:
Paulina Arcos
866 United Nations Plaza
Suite 516
New York, New York 10017

According to a Wikileaks cable, Ecuador's Foreign Minister Francisco Carrion-Mena is "married to Paulina Arcos".  He is also the chairman of the UN's Decolonization committee.

What is Carrion-Mena's address at the UN?  You betcha, it's the same as Paulina Arcos's website!

Question: why the hell is the UN connected to a website promoting Occupy Wall Street's "spontaneous", "organic", and "leaderless" uprising and growth throughout the world?

Question: why was the domain name registered in July 2011?

Question: why isn't the media talking about this?

ADDED: has posted an explanation.  Paulina Arcos paid for the website with her credit card.  Her son (Santiago Carrion) is the one affiliated with the website.  Question: Why the hell is the UN connected to a website promoting OWS and #globalchange?  (I understand that Santiago Carrion asked to use his mother's credit card.  That doesn't address the question, though.  Via her credit card, she has endorsed the website.  Why?)

Continue below the fold for pictures and screengrabs.

Screengrab of's registration info:
click to enlarge, registration info is in the left column
banner image from
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (right) receives the credentials of Francisco Carrion-Mena new Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the United Nations.  
UPDATE: Apparently, they have scrubbed the info at godaddy.  (Interesting, no?)  Good thing I caught screengrabs.


  1. Probably there's nothing anomalous about domain: here a post (in italian) about it.


  3. Do a bit more research and you'll see santiago carrion, the son who registered that domain, apparently is involved in wikileaks, roar magazine, the arab spring and the uprising in spain. What a co-incidence eh? The UN owns occupy without a doubt.

  4. Joanna, in my country the so-called anonymous movement (started in October 15th) spreads the political agenda of one specific left-wing party. I guess people from several political institutions who connected in world forums or caucuses have organized this internationally. Or else, they just put on the Guy Fawkes mask and copy what's going on elsewhere, taking profit of some global wave to serve their specific purposes. In Brazil there's a registrant called Marcelo M Amaral, who has registered his 'occupy' site in France, according to whois.

  5. The United Nations wants nothing less than one world government under a terrifying politically correct banner.Tyranny is and has been engineered by means of incrementalism and gradualism.
    Let them read Revelation chapter 12 king james version that is their homework ......