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05 July 2011

"Spending on tax breaks"

Obama just said that in his speech about the deficit.

Dear Mr. President,

You cannot talk about taxes as method of spending.  That infers that people's private property belongs to the government and is distributed back to them via non-taxes.  "Tax breaks" that are defined as "spending" obliterate the concept of private property.  The fallacious logic is laughable.  Check your premise, Obama.


Obama said that a serious approach to the deficit is needed, and he doesn't want Congress to bandaid this situation and kick the can.  I can't help but wonder if he's setting up a defense for using the disgusting 14th Amendment argument to seize more power.

That, or if the Republicans are given more time (with a mini-deal), it might give them enough time to latch promises to the eventual deal -- promises that Obama does not want Congress to make.

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