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11 June 2011

Won't Somebody Think of the Children?

GOP set to rolls back child labor laws, reads the headline of the self-described progressive Cap Times.  Not included in the headline?  The laws in question are being rolled back from WI-level regulations to... federal level regulations.

The horrors!

Those against it worry that children (in this case, 16 and 17 year-olds) will be wooed by shiny coins and let their studies slide.  That sounds like a moral argument: working hard for grades vs. working hard for money/experience.  Shouldn't a moral argument be left in the hands of the parents and family?

What if the child does not have a good family situation?  Well, perhaps that should be a larger priority than limiting work hours.  It's not like this law allows 6 year-olds to work in sweatshops. 

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