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31 May 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, May 31 LIVEBLOG (Tues)

UPDATE: Check out the Shiny and Amazing RECAP of this episode, with more links than you could ever imagine PLUS a complete transcript of the show!

(It took me nearly an entire day (literally -- 24 hours with two hours of sleep) to put this baby together. To be fair, some of that was a learning curve. Regardless, it may take TIME to do this for all of his shows since January, which was my original goal. We'll see how it goes. Next up, I think I'm gonna try for June 1st and the Nazis...)

Don't worry. I will continue to do these liveblog things for the time being. I think. Probably.
The War Powers Resolution -- Prez needs Congress approval within 60 days of sending out troops.  Obama didn't do it
There are boots in the ground in Libya, in direct violation of UN stuff.

How much power will Obama grab?

Administration says that they believe they're in compliance but don't explain how.

Leftys point out other past bad behavior to legitimize the current bad behavior.


It is stunning to me that the priseden'ts power and power grabs are going unchecked, especially since this is the anti-war president and the anti-war left.  When does the war in Libya end?  What does success look like?

Nasty situation ahead.  Congress is shrugging.  The country is asleep.  tuned out, unplugged.  Approaching TROUBLE -- worst 120 days since the cuban missile crisis -- the world is in edge.  Tonight, tape from radicals in their own words.  (This will be difficult to transcribe.  Subtitles, talking fast.  Spelling new names.)

This is something Beck laid out in February.

Chalkboard.  This is your neighborhood.  Houses on fire.  (Not yours.)  One neighbor says "it's fiiiinne", another suggests you get some water.  Who do you listen to?  What if you find out that the first neighbor wants to redevelop your neighborhood (and would benefit from your house burning down)?

Why isn't the world getting water?

Who is preparing you for what is ahead?  Who is preparing you for Just Another Election?  Are you going to be listening to the dolts who covered the Arab Spring like it was New Years Eve?  Listen to someone who is telling you to get your house in order, especially if you know their track record.

How is this show successful?  (Beck says.)  No show has ever been successful doing one hour monologues. 34 seconds is supposed to be the limit.  Millions watch every night.  Why?  They know the record (with accuracy).  When shit goes to hell and your neighborhood is on fire, hoopefully a sane person will tether to sanity.

Take 6.  Caliphate chalkboard.
work together against israel, capitalism, to overturn stability
protests will become contagious
clip of feb 7 show when he first talked this.  (me: man, i remember that day.  it was intense.  and MSM, especially MSNBC skewered him for it.)

Here's the problem, no one was talking about Israel back then.

New video Beck just got, taped in February.  A Socialist group.  Speaking 2 weeks after the uprisings.  "Internationalism is the key word.  Student movement.  Can push students in Europe.  What is happening in our region is a global movement.  We are putting an end to the capitalist system. We have to push for this rervolution.  The threat is not the muslim Brotherhood, it is [other groups]. Work with them, because the common objective is the fall of the regime.  But as soon as the political interests split, us too.

It is a Socialist conference, talking about working with Muslimn radicals "separately but together".  The common interest, the destruction of the Wetern way of life.

This isn't rocket science.  It is opportunism.  It's called real life.  To achieve their goals, they want to crumble capitolism.

How do you get these groups to stand together?  they have nothing in common...
back to the clip: COMMON ENEMY.  ISRAEL.

Beck clip from Feb 3.
"Groups from extreme Muslim, Socialists will work together against Israel"

They actually believe they'll win, in the end, the Socialists.  clip: "What's happening is good for the hwole world, threatening the capitalist system, liberating the world.  EWvery step forward is a step forward for Palestine.  In Cairo last week, they were chanting that they would go until the liberation of Palestine."

I thought the students wanted democracy.  Not the organizers.

Look at pics from tahrir square.  the palestinian flag.  and there it is in greece, and in scotland.  it's almost like radicals everywhere are uniting against the common enemy of israel and the united states.

it's not enough to be against something.  you have to be for something.  OBL did the first.  new group has the key.  the plight of the opressed.  they will scoop up the students.  reimage themselves as MLK.  madison avenue trick.

Beck shows some picks of civil rights movement compared to now.  MLK never screamed "kill the jew".  (Me: reporter who was assaulted...)

it doesn't take a genius to see which direction the guns are being aimed.  they will flood israel borders, force them to act out, and then flood world with pictures of injured, dead by israel's hands.

wem ust link our arms and be a force for good and not for israel.


I need to sit in silence for a minute.
here's a page with the clip of the socialist guy.  and some history, too (beck show history)


 Radical left & radical islam is organizing this.  They believe the free market system and capitolist left are oppressing the world.  A new flotilla is being put together with the help of Bill Ayers, and lady, founder of the Weather UNderground.  Bernadine Dorn

New video.  tech glitch.  will get posted on about us govt oppressing her and her influence on the Arab Spring.  The GA helped fund this, tax dollars help fund GA.

clip of bernadine dorn from back in the day.

reads from a pieve of paper, a manifesto

creating 2, 3, and many vietnams.  to mobilize the struggle so sharply and in so many places that they cannot defeat it all.  they will try and be defeated in the process.

does libya make sense now?

if we allow the world community to buy this garbage -- that israel is the problem, not the syrians or saudis or etc -- if we sit silently, we lose the western way of life in the middle east and thus the western way of life.  enemies emboldened.

the ancient battle of good vs evil.  the ancient battle of "kill the jew".  something about silence against evil is evil.

tomorrow: the nazi roots of the muslim brotherhood

this shit freaks me out.  when beck first talked about the muslim brotherhood in egypt, i agreed with his reasoning that they could be involved (rather than it being a spontaneous uprising), but i thought there was someone/thing else pulling the strings behind the muslim brotherhood.  that had a larger purpose connected to a much scarier situation.  jesus fucking christ, this is stunning.

Over the next few days, he's asking we DVR and share this show with a friend.  He's trying to show evil unmasked and now it's all come down to this.  here, now.

clip of children's shows teaching muslim extremist indoctrination.


Can you imagine if ANYTHING like that was on TV here, teaching us to hate Muslims?  Why is being perceived differently when it's happening elsewhere against us?

A few weeks ago, when he was in Israel, dedicated to remembering 6 million jews who died there during the holocast.  something else stuck out to him -- the trees planted there to honor the righteous of the nation.  the average citizens who risked their lives to hide jews.

Beck tells story of jewish family who spent 14 months in a sewer.  a catholic saw them, brought them food.  Thursday, the 8 yr old girl from that family will be on the show.

With the tech we have now, millions could die in the blink of an eye.  We have to strive for righteousness.  Pick people who want to be like, and put their pics up around your home, office.  Serve as a daily reminder of who you want to emulate.  Beck's gonna tell us about some of his in the coming days.

Commit to the person you were meant to be, not the person you've allowed yourself to become.  Restore your courage.  Become the righteous among nations.


As an atheist, I've come to a point where I can translate Beck's more religious messages so that they make sense in my world, life.  What irks me is when he has messages that are not directly religious, such as Commit to the person you were meant to be, not the person you've allowed yourself to become.  Restore your courage.  Become the righteous among nations...  Beck haters see the possibility for dismissing this message, perhaps due to the possibility of a religious interpretation.  But what is so bad about encouraging people to be their personal best?  And, to wit: who on TV delivers POSITIVE messages like this?  Simon Cowel?  Yeah, Beck's stuff sometimes scares me, but in a difficult time in my life, he's also helped me to look within myself from strength.  A cultist leader would want me to find strength from him.  He wants me to find strength from ME.

How is that bad?


*sarcasm warning*
I have good news for you!  Reuters warned on Wednesday about "a possible collapse of the US dollar.  Such a situation would imperil a the global financial situation."  Hey, Obama said he's awesome and it's never happen.  So why is Reuters trying to ruin him...

Speaking of financial chaos, Europe is on fire.  While the rest of the world plays political games (Arab Spring, readying for 2012 election), there's shit going on elsewhere. (me: watch the other hand)


I love Beck's sarcasm, mostly because he's earned that shit.  He gets laughed at for saying things months before the "investigative reporters" figure out what the hell is going on.  That'd be fine -- if they ever gave him credit later.  La la la, I'm Rachel Maddow, la la Beck who?

I really wish I had air conditioning.  Yes, I know, the last thing to care about with Nazis on the horizon.  Man, I wonder if the next world war

Democratic showers bring millitary leading flowers...
There is a relative calm after -- something...  Barcelona is not alone! Since 15 May, protesters of a mixture of ideologies have flooded the square feeling used by politicians and not represented by them.

Sound like stuff happening here?  Hmm..

Athens.  10,000s protewsting, assemble in front of parliament, chanting <hhhh>  missed it.  i think it was "shame", but that cannot be right.  happening in Spain, too.

Direct message to D.C.: Arab spring --> Euro summer --> American fall.  please, get yourself out, ready.  stand with the constitution.  be ready.

We are americans.  we are unique.  we don't behave like those in the european streets, unless there is no one to lead us out. you must lead clearly and peacefully.  you must pave a new path.  one that is, dare I say it, rooted in our principles, our constitution.

If you're looking for a revolutionary example, try less Che, more Sam Adams

Preview of the week. wed:  roots of muslim brotherhood in the nazi party.  history that no one else will show you.  thurs: people who have survivors of horrible stuffs.

From New York, Good Night, America.

It's such a shame Soros is shoving him off the air.  He's so good.

I''m reminded of Kenneth Burke.
Hmm.  Perhaps a new post is warranted for that...

whole show:

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