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28 May 2011

CBS Cashes in on Palin

In the article Ups, downs for White House of a Palin Candidacy, CBS notes that while Palin is "quite unpopular" among independents, "her entrance into the race would create a lot of interest in the Republican field".  So, Palin isn't worthy of the WH herself, but since the MSM flocks to her, she could make other GOP candidates look more appealing than Obama.

Yes, there is a constant media buzz around Palin.  The MSM fails to recognize that their buzz provides her with the platform to reverse people's opinions about her.  America indeed seems to be fascinated by Mama Grizzly, for better or worse.  Is it so impossible to think that she might -- MIGHT -- be able to use that platform to transform public opinion?

The rest of the article mentions other candidates, using Palin as a launchpad.  The "downs [for the WH]" of a Palin pre-nomination candidacy is that it draws attention to Pawlenty, Romney, Bachmann...  

If Palin is not a real threat to the Democrats and Obama, why does CBS spend so much time focusing on her in this article which clearly explains that she doesn't have a chance?

What is it about Sarah Palin that makes her so fascinating yet so polarizing?  Why does the media continue to give her press if they think she is, ultimately, not worthy of serious attention?  

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